IMD Metal


Production of steel structures takes place in our production plant equipped with CNC plasma cutting machine, profile cutting sow, press brake, 50 and 60t hydraulic press, pillar drilling machines and grinding machines, a compressor, a forklift, modern welding equipment for variety of methods and other equipment.

The production capacity is 150t per month, of medium heavy construction.

High quality product, made according to technical regulations and standards and requirements of the client's is primary commitment of all employees in the company.

As a confirmation of these commitments in 2016 we introduced the integrated management system according to requirements of quality assurance operations, environmental protection and health and safety in the workplace.

The production plant is equipped with modern equipment for welding according to EN ISO 3834-2 standard.

IMD Metal

In the production plant it is possible to order the following services:

  • Cutting of steel sheets up to 15 mm on CNC plasma cutting machine
  • Cutting profile
  • Profile bending of sheets up to 6mm
  • Bending of steel sheets for heating boilers
  • Bending of mast mounting clamps by pressing
  • Welding of all types of steel
IMD Metal

Reference objects

Tanks, Pipelines, Pumping stations

We have a significant experience in domestic and foreign markets in the installation of steel overhead tanks of large volume, pumping stations, pipelines gives the opportunity to engage in demanding projects where expertise is required and respect deadlines. Installation of aluminum roofs and internal floating steel and aluminum membranes is done on a number of these tanks. A large number of facilities of the highest quality and in very short terms were built on the Russian market for very demanding investors - Russian oil companies.

One part of the activities is dedicated to the reconstruction and recovery of tank constructions where the great experience and expertise of the employees comes to comes to light.

Structures in construction: industrial, sports, business buildings and halls

An important place in engaging the capacity of the company takes industrial halls, sports and business facilities, where speed of construction and building technology are very significant. An experienced and expert team that has built thousands of tons of constructions together is ready for the most complex installations and the shortest deadlines. Again, the Russian market was the one where the advantages of our team proved itself.

Constructions in telecommunications

The beginning of the company is related to the construction and installation of towers and mobile masts for telecommunications. These constructions are significant for us as a company since they recommended us with the quality of production and the speed of assembly at various locations, as a serious and reliable company. They require precision of construction, quality of all elements of construction and embedded materials and simple assembly and so, precisely because of satisfying all these criteria, is an important segment of our business.