In the Spotlights

In March 2017, we signed a contract for the installation and welding of all bearings on the bridge, with the Spanish company AZVI. All welding was done with controlled preheating, in B + quality. After that, we signed another 27 annexes to the agreement with AZVI. Throughout 2017 and at the beginning of 2018 we were engaged in the construction and installation of various steel constructions at Zezelj Bridge in Novi Sad. We highlight some of them:

  • Installation of a temporary construction for launching the bridge into the projected position
  • Construction of the anchor construction during the launch of the bridge
  • Design and installation of bridge construction for launching purposes
  • Design and installation of pillars, for accurate positioning for bridge installation
  • Design and installation of platforms for installation and welding horizontal supports
  • Installation of a bridge fence
  • Disassembly of temporary constructions after the launch of the bridge

Watch the movie Zezelj Bridge - disassembly of the launching construction

PIM has hired us for the following positions:

  • Production and installation of a structures for directing piles on Zezelj Bridge
  • Production and installation of reinforcement of piles J8 on Zeljelj Bridge

Belgrade Arena has hired us on for recovery of water storage tanks volume of 2 m3 in the substation

We were engaged during the repair, at construction and installation of various steel structures, bearing beams, fences, and hatch covers...

For Siemens in Subotica, we reconstructed and expanded the capacity of the compressor station and the distribution of the installation in the production plant

With Demimetal we have achieved successful cooperation in the installation of the façade support structure on the building in Zemun, Belgrade

At the Novi Sad Fair, we exposed our boilers, which attracted the attention of visitors

  • In our production facility in Lestane, we continued cooperation with ROAMING, KBV DATACOM, Vlatacom on the construction of a steel structure for telecommunications
  • With Lindner we cooperated on a very demanding construction of the facade support for the Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Svetlost Teatar we have created a cargo and orchestral platform for the theater in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • For the Legas group, we made a construction for the toll ramp Vrcin and the Hemofarm hall in Vrsac
  • For Zezelj Bridge, more than 200 tons of auxiliary construction for lifting and launching the bridge have been made